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February 23, 2017

Who honeymoons in Antarctica?  Only like the most adventurous fearless couples in the world…

Which is hopefully, You!

Antarctica is a country that has a population of zero year round and only 30,000 visitors or so a year, totally screams adventure!  Because of that, this location proves to be one of the most unique honeymoon locations in the world.  Can’t you just imagine yourself landing by plane or pulling up to this icy wonderland by ship, putting on your parka, and enjoying your newly wedded bliss in front of a breathtaking glacier formations or exploring in the midst of every species of penguin?

During your Antarctica honeymoon wouldn’t you love to ice climb or cave, chase blue whales in a sea kayak, set your eyes on some of the places in the world very few have ever seen, or how about take a full view of the Arctic tundra from a helicopter?


So what are you options for your honeymoon in Antarctica?


All depends on your budget, where (Mainland Antarctica, islands, or South Pole) and how much time you have to explore!  The 3 main options follow:

Sail In / Sail Out (days vary 10-45)

Fly In / Sail out (spending 1-6 days in Antarctica)

Fly In / Fly Out (spending on average 1-2 days in Antarctica)


We would love to help you plan and photograph your amazing adventure wedding on Antarctica!  Contact us for more details!

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February 16, 2017

Bolivia is one of the most unknown areas to adventurous couples, so we should get out there and explore it!  It’s a sweet little country that edges: Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay.  …and I’m going to guess you barely know anyone who has traveled there let alone held their fabulous honeymoon in Bolivia, right?!

So what might you explore during your honeymoon in Bolivia?


Astonishing Salt Flats

Dramatic rock formations


Capricious Cactus’s

Seeing flamingo’s and llamas in their natural habitat!

Andes Mountains


Toro Toro National Park (caves and canyons)

Sajama National Park (hot springs + geysers)

Interesting history and architecture


We’d love to craft  an offbeat adventure honeymoon for you in Bolivia!  Please contact us for more information!

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February 9, 2017

Are you a couple who thrives on adventure and is looking to honeymoon in a location that encompasses magic, mystery, light, energy and nature based explorations you’ve never ever encountered before?  Please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the captivating and unforgettable:


Faroe Islands

Are you racking your brain right now trying to figure out where are the Faroe Islands?  They are owned by Denmark (just as Greenland is) and are a hypnotizing set of islands in-between Iceland, Norway, and the U.K.  Inside these magical 18 islands you will lose yourself and find yourself over and over again.  What a perfect place for time to stop on your honeymoon in the Faroe Islands!  …and the almost unbelievable part is when you leave the islands, you’ll be overcome with an unyielding amount of inspiration, focus, and view of nature that you didn’t know was possible.  You’ll almost believe Faroe Islands = Narnia!

What other place has more grass covered houses than anywhere in the world, more sheep than people, horses playing in magical looking areas (see below), jagged cliff edges that will get your heart pumping, hikes that are self-finding, a serenity that you thought only exists in your mind, and a place that still offers a deep and rich culture that mixes the best of the best Nordic worlds of Denmark and Iceland?!  Nowhere, Natta, No place but the magnificent Faroe Islands!  So come along with me today as I take you on a little tour of these unforgettable Faroe Islands for you to consider for your adventure honeymoon!

One of the best ways to see the Faroe Islands during your honeymoon is by boat!

Mykines is an island within the Faroes that would be perfect to hike and explore on your honeymoon! There are tons of sharp dramatic cliffs to feast your eyes on!  No cars are allowed on the island and you get to take a super cool ferry over to it!

Some of the villages within the Faroe Islands even have little waterfalls running through them!  Seriously high SWOON factor during this Faroe Islands Honeymoon!

Everywhere you drive and walk to leaves you with an overwhelming sense of peace and  magic!  You’re going to want to savor and photograph EVERYTHING!

…and don’t even get me started on the SHEEP!  There are more of them than people on the Faroe Islands!

 The colorful downtown of the capital city of Tórshavn will leave you smiling during your Faroe Islands honeymoon!

Oh oh and then the stunning combination of the black churches with sod roofs will just leave you shaking your head in utter awe!

Sometimes on your honeymoon in the Faroe Islands you meet unexpected friends!

Hundreds of waterfalls run constantly down the cliffs throughout the entire island.  It’s a pretty neat sight to see!  We hope today you have added the Faroe Islands to your Honeymoon bucket list!  When you’re ready, please contact us for more information!

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February 1, 2017


Three words come to mind when I think about our time scouting honeymoon locations in Ireland… Vivid, Mysterious, and Friendly.  It does not matter where in the country you explore, you will find that all of those three elements continuously ring true.  Allow us to give you a little Ireland honeymoon inspiration today as we showcase some of the beautiful areas for you to potentially explore!  …enjoy!

We’re not one typically for touristy type of locations but there are a few must do’s… First up is the famed “Dark Hedges” in Northern Ireland.

One of the most interesting a hidden gems in Northern Ireland is this stunning island bridge spot!

Will you dare to cross this swaying bridge together on your honeymoon in Ireland?

Another Ireland Honeymoon spot that needs to be on your list is Giant’s Causeway… These basalt rock stacks are mind-blowingly beautiful!



Even in the rain, Ireland is one of those places where the beauty captivates you and makes you forget about everything else happening in the world right then… Which is ideal to have on your European Honeymoon!

I said vivid because everywhere you look there is a beautiful texture and tone that makes you smile!


The Cliffs of Moher is one of the biggest tourist locations Ireland has to offer but it is also one of the most beautiful (not to be missed)!  If you take the walk further away from the main touristy area (follow the path all of the way to the left) then you will feel more isolated and “on your own.”

There are an endless amounts of castles in Ireland to explore.  I can just imagine you having a sweet little picnic at one during your honeymoon in Ireland!




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January 14, 2017

A beautiful interesting place in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in North Africa is a colorful country called Morocco.  The textures and tones you will find throughout this historical country are rich and full of flare.  From the vibrant markets, the mysterious blue city, to famed Sahara Desert you will have countless photo ops during your adventure honeymoon in Morocco!


Your Moroccan honeymoon adventure could be in some of the following places or our secret locations within:

– Mediterranean Coast

– Ouzoud Waterfall

– Legzira Beach

– Ouarzazate

– Fez

– Glamping in Sahara Desert in berber tents!

– Blue City of Chefchaouen

– Draa Valley

– Rif Mountains

– High Atlas Mountains

– Golden Sand Beaches

– Our favorite off the beaten path locations for honeymoons in Morocco!

We would love to design unique journey for you to experience during your honeymoon in Morocco, please contact us to get that awesome conversation started!


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