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August 17, 2017

Honeymoon portrait sessions are a growing trend that we highly encourage!  What better keepsake to take home from your adventurous honeymoon than having a local photographer forever pause those moments in time for you?  After all, you spent a ton of time planning the honeymoon (maybe more than your actual wedding day) so it’s important to document this super exciting time in your lives!

Today we would like to give you the top 7 awesome reasons why you should consider having a Honeymoon Portrait Session:

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Exploring through new landscape together is an amazing opportunity to be “tiny people in big landscape” kind of art on your wall!


Your chance to relax after the wedding (the pressures off!) so have some fun with your photos!


It’s a super fun date day (Tip: Pack a picnic with a bottle of champagne!)


Show off how GOOD you guys look!  You’ve worked hard to get into “wedding shape” whether that means working out, skincare, or eating right, take advantage of freaking awesome you guys look right now 😉


The session is a fantastic surprise to gift to your new wife / husband!


A perfect excuse to reignite the romance!  Adventuring together is the best medicine after a high stress event like a wedding!


The chance to be creative!  Have you always wanted to be photographed surfing or hiking with each other?!  Or a lavish amazing styled shoot where you dress up and enjoy each other!

Imagine yourself running around Iceland (or whatever country you choose to honeymoon in) during your honeymoon and your fantastic Iceland honeymoon photographer is capturing all of those memorable details for you!  Follow us along today as we share with you one couple’s honeymoon session in Iceland…

Hotel Budir is a boutique hotel that many flock to for their honeymoon in Iceland.

The decor inside of Hotel Budir is very traditional Norse with still pops of elegance.

Having quite intimate moments in-between is something your adventurous honeymoon photographer will strive to capture.

Keeping it light and adventurous throughout your honeymoon session in Iceland is important.  Embrace the weather and play in it together!

The moment our clients stop and smile at each other makes us swoon!

It’s super fun to bring props like a locally made Iceland wedding bouquet!

After exploring around the grounds of Hotel Budir, this amazing couple adventured to another area with their Iceland wedding photographer called Arnarstapi which is a small fishing village with incredible sea stacks and arches all around it.

They took moments in to bird watch and fully enjoy nature during their Iceland honeymoon session.

Stealing kisses is oh so important too during your honeymoon portrait session!

The famous mountain and waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss was next on their honeymoon adventure session in Iceland!

Savoring each spot you travel to during your honeymoon is such a beautiful experience.  We hope today we have sold you on the idea of having a portrait session during your honeymoon!  Remember, no matter where you honeymoon there is a local photographer that would love to connect with you to forever document your time in their amazing country!

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