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December 29, 2016

Honeymoons should be all about adventure, love, and magic colliding to one crazy awesome unforgettable time!  Am I right?!  Venezuela is one of those locations that somehow combines those traits… Imagine yourself on your honeymoon in Venezuela exploring some of the following unforgettable locales:


– Angel Falls (yes it is even more EPIC in person, I assure you).

– Canaima National Park (the mecca of gorgeous mountains and rivers)

– Cueva del Guacharo National Park (crazy epic cave)

– Bask in the sun on the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen in the Morrocoy National Park!

– Diving right into that stunning Venezuelan culture.

– Our favorite off-the-grid locations!


We would love to design unique honeymoon journey for you to experience on your honeymoon in Venezuela, please contact us to get that conversation started!

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December 21, 2016

Greenland… One of my personal Nordic honeymoon loves!

This fabulous icy country doesn’t get enough love and attention from travel or honeymoon industry and frankly it should for many reasons!


Planning a Honeymoon in Greenland, is for couples who are truly fearless explorers at heart, cold weather lovers, and have an unquenchable curiosity!  Is this you?  If so, you can look forward to having a honeymoon in one of the most mysterious places in the world (it’s been said to be in the top 10)!


Having an adventurous Honeymoon in Greenland means you are snuggled within the Arctic Circle and between several bodies of water such as Baffin Bay, Labrador Sea, Greenland Sea, and the Davis Strait… Who can say that they explored all that?  Very few people in the world, I assure you!

Wintertime with colorful houses in Tasiilaq, East Greenland

Plus what adventurous couple wouldn’t want to go on a dogsled ride?  Then partake in mountaineering, heliskiing, iceberg hunting, scuba diving, whale watching, and even flightseeing over the vast tundras!  The list is seriously endless!   Let’s make it happen people… contact us!


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December 14, 2016

If you want to have a honeymoon in one of the greenest, warmest, and romantic places in the world, I would urge you to consider Bali, Indonesia!


Tell me you remember the inspiring movie, Eat Pray Love, right?  Totally filmed here!  …and another Fun Fact: The owner of Your Adventure Wedding and Founder of Wanderlust Honeymoons, Ann honeymooned there- see here and even shot some of her own honeymoon portrait session on the famed beach!


There are endless photo opportunities away from tourists too.  Whether that means fleeing into…

  • * Bali’s highest peak… Mt Agung to the temple in the clouds!
  • * Rice Fields
  • * Historical Temples
  • * Dreamy fishing boats
  • * Purely perfect beaches
  • * Seeking out the more extreme side of adventures like climbing Mount Batar, ATV tours, Surfing, SUP, River Rafting, Monkey Forest Adventure, Elephant Riding, Scuba or Snorkeling, and Canyoneering!


Rest assured, we tailor make the perfect adventure for your destination wedding in Bali!

Contact Us for more information!


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December 7, 2016

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, positive energy, and lands that feel enchanted…

Your Scotland honeymoon location should be in the magical area of Isle of Skye!


During your honeymoon in Isle of Skye, you will find rock formations that will leave you in complete and utter “Awe,” castles that have rich amazing history, winding roads, sweet little waterfalls that will take your breath away, and fabulous short hikes that will get you off the of mainstream path!  Serious romance awaits you!


This is an area I not only fell in LOVE with scouting, but Davíð and I actually fell literally in LOVE here years ago =)  It’s a place we spent many days hiking, coasteering, driving around, and exploring endlessly so we know Isle of Skye like the back of our hand and have access to some super secret spots!


We would love to design your unique honeymoon experience in Isle of Skye, feel free to contact us to get that awesome conversation started!

Isle of Skye Honeymoons

With a smile, Ann Peters (Isle of Skye Honeymoon Planner + Isle of Skye Honeymoon Photographer)







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November 29, 2016

Iceland is the kind of place that compels you with a constant urge to want to pull your car over and take a photo every 60 seconds, no joke.  There is some massive waterfall, crazy cliff line, steaming geothermal area, squishy moss covered lava field, beautifully lit mountain, wild rock formation, volcano or glacier every 15 minutes.  And there is a green that lives here that exists nowhere else in the world or in any crayon box.  There is a sense of serious magic throughout the entire land.  You can feel the enchantment, geothermal power, the power of the land and be in continual awe of how varied this dynamic landscape is.




It’s totally intoxicating and truly addicting!   I’ve been obsessed with Iceland since 2011 and now luckily call it home!  So I’m a tiny bit partial to this epic countryside as far as wedding and honeymoon locations!  But once being an outsider I can lend the best perspective to you…  Nowhere else can you see an endless list of natural wonders all in the same day like… Glacier Lagoons, Fairy-tale Waterfalls, Moss Covered Lava Fields, Basalt rocks protruding from the Sea, Grass Covered Houses, Romantic Seaside Churches, Glaciers, Volcanoes, Super Secret Caves, Majestic Fjords, etc!



Today, I am super excited to share with you some activities to add to your Wanderlust Honeymoon Registry!


Iceland Sample Honeymoon Registry (7 days):


* Reykjavik City Walk Tour

* View the city from its highest point- Hallgrimskirkja Church

* Lunch at the best hot dog stand in the world at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur

* Dinner Date Night in Reykjavik (best Iceland honeymoon restaurants can be found HERE)

* Hot Spring Day Adventure (best Iceland honeymoon hot springs found HERE)

* Spa Morning at Reykjavik Spa (Hello couples massage!)

* Golden Circle Self Drive Tour (Discovering: Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Fludir’s Secret Lagoon)

* Ice Climbing / Glacier Hiking Adventure on one of Iceland’s 13 Glaciers!

* Adventure to blue ice caves during your Iceland honeymoon, I dare you!

* South Coast Adventure (Seeing: Keldur Sod Farm, Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Skogafoss Waterfall, Skogar Folk Museum, Dyrholaey Sea Cliffs and Lighthouse, and Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach)

* Highland Super Jeep Adventure Day (discovering the untouched, non-touristy side of Iceland)

* Whale Watching Tour

* Snorkeling and Caving Adventure (Snorkel through the famed North American and Eurasian tectonic plates and go into Iceland’s longest lava tube!)

* Explore the Snaefellsnes Peninsula!

* Explore Northern Iceland on your honeymoon!

* Spend time discovering East Iceland on your honeymoon!

* Honeymooning in the Westfjords of Iceland

* Pick an Adventure for us! Will you Choose…. Horse Back Riding? ATV? Iceland Food Tour or an Icelandic Cooking Class?


Where will your Iceland Honeymoon take you?



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