Wanderlust Honeymoons

February 23, 2017

Who honeymoons in Antarctica?  Only like the most adventurous fearless couples in the world…

Which is hopefully, You!

Antarctica is a country that has a population of zero year round and only 30,000 visitors or so a year, totally screams adventure!  Because of that, this location proves to be one of the most unique honeymoon locations in the world.  Can’t you just imagine yourself landing by plane or pulling up to this icy wonderland by ship, putting on your parka, and enjoying your newly wedded bliss in front of a breathtaking glacier formations or exploring in the midst of every species of penguin?

During your Antarctica honeymoon wouldn’t you love to ice climb or cave, chase blue whales in a sea kayak, set your eyes on some of the places in the world very few have ever seen, or how about take a full view of the Arctic tundra from a helicopter?


So what are you options for your honeymoon in Antarctica?


All depends on your budget, where (Mainland Antarctica, islands, or South Pole) and how much time you have to explore!  The 3 main options follow:

Sail In / Sail Out (days vary 10-45)

Fly In / Sail out (spending 1-6 days in Antarctica)

Fly In / Fly Out (spending on average 1-2 days in Antarctica)


We would love to help you plan and photograph your amazing adventure wedding on Antarctica!  Contact us for more details!

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