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February 1, 2017


Three words come to mind when I think about our time scouting honeymoon locations in Ireland… Vivid, Mysterious, and Friendly.  It does not matter where in the country you explore, you will find that all of those three elements continuously ring true.  Allow us to give you a little Ireland honeymoon inspiration today as we showcase some of the beautiful areas for you to potentially explore!  …enjoy!

We’re not one typically for touristy type of locations but there are a few must do’s… First up is the famed “Dark Hedges” in Northern Ireland.

One of the most interesting a hidden gems in Northern Ireland is this stunning island bridge spot!

Will you dare to cross this swaying bridge together on your honeymoon in Ireland?

Another Ireland Honeymoon spot that needs to be on your list is Giant’s Causeway… These basalt rock stacks are mind-blowingly beautiful!



Even in the rain, Ireland is one of those places where the beauty captivates you and makes you forget about everything else happening in the world right then… Which is ideal to have on your European Honeymoon!

I said vivid because everywhere you look there is a beautiful texture and tone that makes you smile!


The Cliffs of Moher is one of the biggest tourist locations Ireland has to offer but it is also one of the most beautiful (not to be missed)!  If you take the walk further away from the main touristy area (follow the path all of the way to the left) then you will feel more isolated and “on your own.”

There are an endless amounts of castles in Ireland to explore.  I can just imagine you having a sweet little picnic at one during your honeymoon in Ireland!




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