Wanderlust Honeymoons

April 8, 2017

Paris is the token “city for lovers” so having this romantic location be a stop during your honeymoon tour is a no brainer.  At Wanderlust Honeymoons, we are not advocates of an entire honeymoon in Paris, as we encourage more offbeat adventures…


We found THE PERFECT HOTEL in Paris to have as you transition hotel between flights.  We personally stayed here on the way back to Iceland from the Maldives and it was DIVINE!  We barely left the hotel and for good reason…


Le Metropolitan, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Paris is a luxury hotel footsteps away from the Eiffel Tower.  So come along with us today to see our experience!

The staff was phenomenal during our check in process and even gave us a little tour our room to ensure we knew how to use all of the in room amenities.

And also surprised us with a delicious celebratory bottle of champagne and French pastries.

Le Metropolitan Paris, has not left out one enjoyable detail for those who seek a luxury hotel stay.

It had been raining most of the day and night so after a short walk to the Eiffel Tower and the nearby museums, we retreated back to the hotel.  Our room had the most AMAZING view right from our hotel room so we decided to order room service and have a little “staycation.”

There is nothing quite like seeing the Eiffel Tower lights dance in front of you while you stay cozy and cuddled up in BED!

Happiness was HAD and Memories were MADE!  Thank you Le Metropolitan Paris!

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